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LF RMX 007

Various Artists

A1 Steve Stoll - Reciproheat (Hardspace Mix)

A2 DJ Shufflemaster - HD4 Untitled (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)

B1 Valentino Mora - Elevate (Len Faki Deepspace Mix)

B2 UBX127 - Barabrus (Len Faki Deepspace Mix)

Len Faki is ready to share another batch of his personal secret weapons, this time giving away three floor-focused edits, starring a pair of Russian producers Philipp Gorbachev and Nocow.

First up are two takes from Gorbachev‘s recent LP, a throwback into the rave scene‘s heyday. featuring anthemic synths and even front-row vocals by Polina. The catchy album opener gets rigged with a solid fundament and peak time-friendly bpm, while similarly sumptuous cut Lazer waltzes through Faki‘s tested and well-proven percussive layers.

Boasting massive low-end impact on the flip, the Hardspace Mix of Nocow‘s K$$$$ hits a special spot, mixing heavy bass, IDM-grade level of detail and Ghetto-ish vox into a unique and heady power-blend.

As with all releases of LF RMX, the proceeds of this record will be forwarded to the Berlin organization Straßenkinder e.V. to be used in actions against child poverty.