Label - 11 Label - 11

LF RMX 011


A - BA3 Breathing (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)

B - BA3 Breathing (Len Faki Hardspace Tool)

Revisiting another classic for this issue of Len Faki‘s edits, he chooses Kotai‘s 2002 track BA3 Breathing, a standout-cut for it‘s ringing vocals and ominous bassline rumbles. With the original clocking in at the 10-minute mark already, Faki‘s tribute mix is not much shorter, but manages to fill the spaces between beats with lots of fresh details, lifting the song‘s energy to a new level, while retaining the soft but sexy vibe of Kotai‘s compostion. Tightening up the mix and making away with vocals alltogether, the Hardspace Tool-version then solely puts its focus on busty beats and percussive prowess, staking its claim as contender for bossiest bassline of the night.

As with all releases of LF RMX, the proceeds of this record will be forwarded to the Berlin organization Straßenkinder e.V. to be used in actions against child poverty.