Label - Odyssee Of Noises Label - Odyssee Of Noises

LF RMX 008

Odyssee Of Noises

A Odyssee Of Noises - Firedance (The Sunrise) (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)

B Odyssee Of Noises - Firedance (The Night) (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)

Taking on a true trance classic and a personal favorite of his, Len Faki takes us back to the golden era of big melodies and early raves, sharing two very distinct interpretations of Firedance by Odyssee of Noises, the prolific production outfit helmed by Ralf Hildenbeutel.

Originally released in 1994 on legendary label Eye Q, this track marked a special period for Faki, when he was fully immersing himself into the scene, and accompanied him through his most formative times as a dancer and a becoming DJ.

Brimming with the iconic elation of those nights, side A keeps with the emotive theme of the original‘s Sunrise version, tweeking only slightly to cater for the needs of these days‘ dancers. Re-shaping the classic to match modern productions for it to be mixed with current bangers, Faki packs the tune‘s anthemic appeal into a propulsive ride down memory lane...

As with all releases of LF RMX, the proceeds of this record will be forwarded to the Berlin organization Straßenkinder e.V. to be used in actions against child poverty.